Sparkling Yoga DVD

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Sparkling Yoga DVD with Elena Mironov is amazing on levels! Great variety of sequences, locations, cinematography, music all executed with exquisite and elegant instruction by Elena. Highly Recommend!!!

 Travis Eliot

"A professionally filmed Yoga DVD with strong, empowering, flowing sequences. Smooth transitions invite a feeling of grace and elegance in the practice. Filmed in a beautiful setting and accompanied by heart warming music, this DVD is a pleasure to incorporate into one's practice. The effort, joy and devotion that has been put into this work truly shines through." 

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yoga is an ancient discipline that offers you strength and flexibility. Everyday practice takes you deeper by balancing emotions and instilling a sense of mental clarity and calm. Enjoy this series of 5 short yoga sessions you can practice with at home. Both simple and profound, these 5 classes make you feel grounded, balanced, energised, open and renewed, helping you better connect with your own inner world and live your life more fully.
This DVD is designed to help you create your home practice, starting wit 20-30 minutes a day. Here is a list of sessions featured on this DVD and their effects:

Open - focusing on openness and mobility, creating space across the sides as well as front and back body, facilitating deeper breathing

Energized - improving circulation, charging the body with energy, creating inner and outer strength and stability

Renewed - improving the flexibility of the spine, lubricating the joints and cultivating ease of movement

Balanced - nourishing the hormonal and vestibular system, balancing the mind

Grounded - re-connecting to earth, using gravity to calm the nervous system and release stress

As a special feature, it is possible to choose the music or sounds that you prefer for each session. The selection includes gong, drums, wind chimes, didgeridoo and piano.

Length: approximately 130 minutes

Production: Artur Weber and Deniss Sudak for Sparkling Yoga
Audio: Elena Mironov, Nikolaj Vinten
Voiceover: Elena Mironov
Photographic assistant: Karl Clifford
Music: Silvercloud (
Hair and make-up: Sandra Wograndl
Hair and make-up assistant: Michelle Cox
Cover photo and design: Artur Weber
Artworks featured in film: Nada Herman
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