5 Audio Classes to Make You Feel Energised, Open, Renewed, Balanced and Grounded

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This collection of audio yoga classes features 5 different yoga sessions as well as original music. 

These audio classes are designed to guide you through your personal yoga practice, providing pose and alignment cues and supporting the flow of the practice.

Sessions featured are Energized, Open, Renewed, Balanced and Grounded.

Elena’s work is designed to inspire you to create your home practice, starting with 25-30 minutes a day. Each of the practices has a specific focus:

Open - focusing on openness and mobility, creating space across the sides as well as front and back body, facilitating deeper breathing

Energized - improving circulation, charging the body with energy, creating inner and outer strength and stability

Renewed - improving the flexibility of the spine, lubricating the joints and cultivating ease of movement

Balanced - nourishing the hormonal and vestibular system, balancing the mind

Grounded - re-connecting to earth, using gravity to calm the nervous system and release stress.